Barony of Arthralgia

Establish a Kingdom
Belrock is annointed Baron of Arthralgia

Having put down the Bandit Lord the party establishes the fledgling kingdom of Arthralgia on the site of the Stag Lord’s fort, naming their capital city God’s Foyer. They also establish a second city at Oleg’s Outpost, renaming it Leveton’s Valor.

Player Characters:
A ruling council is established with Belrock Graypeak as Baron.
Fijit the gnome is named Marshal of the rural areas.
Floz the half-orc wizard takes on the mantle of Magister.
Grand Diplomat duties are put in the hands of Sadir W’sheh the bard.

The fallen Paladin Akiros Ismort becomes General of the kingdom’s military.
Though frail, the cunning of Cer’elm the wizard earns him the Spymaster role.
Jhod Kavken reestablishes the Temple of the Elk as in named High-Priest of the realm.
The mercenary Kesten Garess assumes duties protecting the city streets as Warden.
Oleg Leveton leaves his trading post to manage the fund of the kingdom as Treasurer.
The gentle nature of Oleg’s wife, Svetlana, makes her the perfect candidate for Councilor to the populace

Session 2 Treasure & XP

Session total: 940 (235 each)
Running total: 386 each

321 sp
175 gp
3 crates of furs & hides 50 gp ea
8 bottles of herbal liquor, bottle in a crate 20 gp ea
2 Masterwork handaxes 306 gp ea
potion: cure light wounds 50 gp
silver earrings, pair 150 gp
wooden music box 90 gp
studded leather armor 25 gp
4 suits leather armor 10 gp ea
4 short swords 10 gp ea
4 longbows 75 gp ea
4 daggers 2 gp ea

Session 1 Treasure & XP

605 total (151 each)

4 suits leather armor 10 gp ea
3 short swords 10 gp ea
composite longbow (+2 Str)
3 longbows 75 gp ea
60 arrows 1 gp per 20
6 horses, light riding
dagger 2 gp
silver Stag Lord amulet 20 gp
65 gp

Characters are made!
Roll some stats, chose some skills



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